Rise of Nations:  Thrones and Patriots

Rise of Nations:  Thrones and Patriots 3.2

Rise of Nations Thrones & Patriots is the expansion of the Rise of Nations game

Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots is the expansion of the popular strategy game Rise of Nations, new campaigns were included in this edition with characters from the real world, new civilizations to accompany them, and new features, this game was published by Microsoft Game Studios.

New campaigns: The new campaigns are based on real history and they offer strategic options to the player that will affect the campaigns in the long-term, for example, in the Alexander campaign the player can choose whether he destroys the Greek city of Thebes or not. That causes long-term effects, if you destroy it the other nations will respect you more, but if you do not, you can use the city as any other, which will give you an immediate advantage

Another characteristic is that these campaigns can not advance for more than three ages and you will begin it at a certain age by the time the campaign really took place, this happens in this way to avoid historic inconsistencies like fighting the Cold War during the Stone Age or conquer as Alexander the Great did in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

The new "Conquer the World" campaigns are:

- Alexander the Great: The campaign begins and runs entirely in the age when the father of Alexander dies and he has to ascend to the throne, at first he is responsible for reconquering the territories that his father ruled until his death which by that time were plunged into chaos.

- Napoleon I of France: This campaign begins by the end of the French revolution when the directory, the current rulers of France, assigned Bonaparte the missions of conquest through France, the island of Malta and Egypt until they were finally defeated by the Mamluk in the current Israel, which causes Napoleon to come back to France and make a coup d'etat.

- The New World: This campaign is one of the 2 campaigns in which we will be able to elect in which side we are, we can be with the American natives, that want to maintain their old way of life, the anxious, European conquerors to show the treasures to their respective kings or the Americans that will fight for obtaining their independence

- Cold war: This campaign begins in the end of World War Two, you can be elected one of the two sides, the United States or, the Soviet Union, that are the only countries with armies or satellite states as the Nato of the Americans, or the Warsaw pact, of the Soviets, in this campaign aside from the normal options they will be able to do espionage missions.

Wonders: you will find 3 new wonders as the hanging Gardens of the old Babylonia built by Nabucodonosor II, the Prohibited City in China and the Red Fort of Delhi in India.

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